Friday, April 11, 2014

Intro to Orphan Black

Okay, I initially began watching this show just so I could make fun of the pseudoscience, but I ended up actually loving it. For the most part, it doesn’t get too involved into the actual technical science, which makes it easier to ignore the slip-ups and the plot is just super fun. I don’t want to give anything away but here is a rundown of the main characters and reasons you should watch season II of Orphan Black when it premiers on BBC America on April 19th. (Also watch season I; it’s on Amazon Prime and some other networks)
Cosima Niehaus

Sarah Manning
The main character. A British “punk rock ho” who is just trying to earn some extra bucks for her and her daughter, Kiera.
Alison Hendrix
Paranoid soccer mom who will do anything to protect herself and her family. Anything.
Cosima Niehaus
Totally my favorite clone - ahem - I mean character. Cosima is an awesome evo-devo (a term I’ve never heard before, but you know rolling with it) geek with an awesome sense of style. I want to steal her hair and her clothes and y’know basically her whole personality.
Rachel Duncan
Who even knows about Rachel except that that haircut is maybe the only one I’ve seen so far that has really not worked for Tatiana Maslany.
Beth Childs
She kills herself in the first episode, so it’s a bit hard to get a feel for her, but from what I can tell she was a very anxious person who was just unable to make sense of her surroundings.
Yeah, I know I’m supposed to hate Helena and I kind of do, but I also don’t. Crazy religious fanatic with an odd personality and strange quirks.
Katya Obinger “The German”
German. Killed. Not much else known about her.
Felix Dawkins
I lied, Felix is my favorite character - no, Cosima - no Felix - never mind. Felix is Sarah’s  self-proclaimed “gay friend” and foster brother. Also he’s awesome.

I debated whether or not to include other characters, but ultimately decided against it. I don’t want to ruin the story for you guys. Yeah so watch season II on April 19th BBC America.

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  1. hi, first I must warn you: english is not my mother language, so this post may have some mistakes. sorry :P

    I've just seen the two seasons... being a biologist, I paid special attention to the scientific details of the plot. (pseudoscience can REALLY ruin a series for me, specially if the series is not good. example: helix. I just laughed for a while, then I had to turn it off because I found no reason to continue watching a series with such gross mistakes...)

    evo devo is the short from "evolutive developmental biology" which is casually my field of work. it's a relatively new field, with few experts in comparison to other biology fields.

    I must say that there is a little pseudoscience in this series, but it is not as far of real science as it could be. I mean, I guess there were advisors somehow involved in science. there were little winks to evolutive biologists, for example: one of the chapters is called "endless forms most beautiful", the title of the most famous book about evo devo (in fact, cosima is reading this book in one of the chapters. this is not very likely for an expert, but well...)
    I think some science fans were involved in this series, but I'm not certain they were really INTO science, at least not in evo-devo. some of the dialogues were not really thorough.

    however, I just think this series is really good for other reasons. I saw it with my boyfriend, and we were just thrilled when sarah had to play alison in the party, both of us thought for a moment "oh well, she can really play the part" ... and after one second, realized she's the same actress. I mean, you feel like they're really different people, she managed to give each one of the clones a totally different personality, in the movement, the speech...

    and well, felix. OH MY GOD I LOVE FELIX. I love the fact that they created a very deep character, he's not just the "funny and affected queer guy" that he could have been.

    well... that's it... I really liked this series. :)


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