Monday, February 3, 2014

Sherlock 3.3 Recap (aka What Am I Supposed to Do With My Life Now?)

So Sherlock series three is over. My mind is still struggling to comprehend this foreign and tragic phenomenon, but because Sherlock episodes are so rare and so lovely, we must savor them. In this spirit, here were my favorite parts of Sherlock episode 3.3.

1. John Busting the Drug Dealers

Okay, don't lie. You loved this part too. Check out the scene here. But come on. Nothing is quite so awesome as Sherlock taking on an armed druggie.

"You broke my arm!" "It's sprained. I'm a doctor; I know how to sprain people!" (Now we all understand the purpose of those four years of med school).

 And then John, casually waking up his druggie friend, when out of the blue - from behind him- we hear his other druggie friend! "Oh hello John!" Oh John, how we've missed you this season. Good to know that you are finally back

2. Molly Slapping Sherlock

 Can I just mention that I love Molly? I've written about her before here and here, already. I was just really glad that Molly got her chance to slap Sherlock. I think she's probably been wanting to do that since the day she met him (maybe we've all been kind of wanting to do that since the day we met him) and it's about darn time. See a video here

On a side note... Molly: "Apologize." Sherlock: "I'm sorry you're engagement is over, though I am relieved at the lack of the ring." Wait what? What happened to... what's his name? I'm assuming she probably dumped him after the whole "meat dagger" incident.  But could it be more? I think yes. Whenever something is left out of Sherlock it means that it'll be important later, so I'm wondering where this incident will play into all that

3. Sherlock Being a Total Jerk

Is it bad that I jumped up yelling, “Yes! yes!” when we found out that Sherlock was using Janine? I mean, whew, that was a relief. I was almost scared that he actually liked her which is, I’m sorry, but completely unacceptable.
I just... I mean I missed this. I missed mean Sherlock. I mean nice warm empathetic Sherlock was great and all (not really I actually sort of hated the entire ordeal), but it’s nice to have our Sherlock back. Sherlock who goes to drug dens and says mean crap to Molly and Mycroft and heartlessly manipulates people to get what he wants; that’s my Sherlock. 

4. Assassin Mary
So we all know that I’ve loved Mary from the very start, but this is a nice change as well. It’s absolutely different from the book something of which I am always wary, but I think it worked. It also definitely breaks the show out of the god-awful domestic bliss of 3.1 and 3.2.
Also, I loved Sherlock projecting Mary’s face on the wall at Laurenston Gardens. Like all things with Sherlock, it walked the thin line between amazing and ridiculous and it was right in character for him.

5. The Mind Palace

Is it not every Sherlockian’s dream to go inside of Sherlock’s mind palace. I mean, we’ve gotten a hint of it in “the Baskerville HOUND” but this was amazing. I loved that Sherlock kept Moriarty in his mind palace. I also loved Molly, Mycroft, and Anderson talking him through the shock of being shot. Also, we finally discovered who this mysterious "Redbeard" is and got a bit of insight into Sherlock's childhood.


I love Moriarty and this season, I’ve missed him so much. I’m so relieved he’s back. I mean words cannot even convey. Isn't he just adorable? Best criminal ever :).
Milverton - sorry Magnusson - is fine, but honestly face-lickers fall in my opinion far below amazing clever, web knitting criminals. I mean Moriarty may be evil but you have to respect him.

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